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RE: Trawlers 101 - Part II

What an outrageous statement. "Diesel consumption is also doubled". You can't compare a given boat going 8 knots with the same boat going 12 knots! Of course if you apply twice the power to a given boat you'll burn about twice the fuel. The number of engines and propellers on a boat have little to do with the fuel burn. We've been through this before. Look in the archives. And lets not get into an argument about efficiency and single v/s twin screw -* the difference is small and the benefit can go either way depending on the individual craft. Also the maint in terms of cost or time is not far off** ..* nowhere near double. By saying they are your'e saying the parts of a 200 hp engine is the same as a 100 hp engine. Most of the parts and fluids for an engine probably cost about the same #of dollars per hp. Your comments on size are slanted to "bigger is better". It's a strech to compare a 42 Krogen w a 42 Chris, or a 30' Bayliner w a 30' Willard. Since wer'e in class "Trawlers 101" try to keep comparisions to apples and apples.

Eric Henning
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