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Originally Posted by Daddyo View Post
My plan for a couple of years has been to add a mast and huge short cut furling genny for our boat.
Sailboats are designed with keels which balance the heeling effect sails can produce. Auscan`s boat, and MS boats designed as such, should be fine, but you should consider the self righting moment or ability of a given powerboat before adding mast and sails; also the location, mast stepping, ie on deck or thru deck to keel, and the considerable downwards and side forces mast and rigging can exert. Particularly if the boat was not originally designed to carry a mast.
Even if the idea is for just a genny or MPS for running with the wind behind or on the quarter, wind velocity and/or direction can change, changing the forces on the boat.
Perhaps THD will come in on this interesting discussion.
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