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Originally Posted by AusCan View Post
Nice, Bruce. Good to see the Sydney Harbour water continues to be so clean.

We pretty much have dolphins swimming at the bow on every outing. I guess they just like playing in the the turbulence...
I thought dolphins only liked sailboats(yachts) but I had them on the bow too. A mate says there were dolphins inside the harbor for a week, I was unaware, we`ve been away enjoying the snow of the English spring.
The water clarity was demonstrated when we flicked a prawn/shrimp heads overboard and large fish were clearly seen attacking. We saw a fisherman catch a large fish west of the Bridge (these we are advised not eat because of past industrial practices).
Fish are likely the reason for the dolphins and improved water quality the likely reason for the fish.
I liked the pics of your underwater sections(as do the dolphins), you were fortunate finding your.boat
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