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Motor Sailers

"Well, I'd never have a sail on my boat, but that's fodder for another thread. "

Well - Flyright - that claim is reason enough to start this thread

I wasn't really considering sails until I came across this boat.

I can understand why people wouldn't want a full-on sail boat. (accommodation in a cave; exposed to elements; narrow beam with poorly laid out living area; sails always require adjusting; decks not designed for relaxing; boat heeling at uncomfortable angle' etc.

A true motor sailer is a different animal. It is a much different design from a normal rag boat. I can choose when and where to use the sails, but so far I find them useful 75% of the time; half of that being while the engines are running. I can't sail into the wind as tightly as a "real" sail boat but that requirement is rarely encountered.

The biggest benefit is how they provide a much more comfortable motion in rough water. I would guess my sails would reduce rolling as much as any stabilizers would, with the added advantage of increased speed and economy.

It takes less than 10 minutes on my own to set and trim the sails, even without roller furlers. Being gaff rigged there is minimal heel. It has a self tacking jib, so very little intervention is required once underway. Minor tuning from the cockpit is all that is required, if I get the urge.

Some may argue about the added cost of maintenance. I would say it would be much less maintenance time and cost compared to an auxiliary engine and a stabilizer system.

I get increased fuel economy, speed, stability, and reliability for very little effort or cost.
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