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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
I've had an Avon inflatable with plywood floor and inflatable keel for 25 years of medium use....sure they don't ride as nice a some with a less than 5 hp won't matter.

As far as durable...shells, rock and barnacles/oysters aren't the problem. I've never punctured a tube...just a few rips in the bottom where it caught a nail head dragging t's full weight up onto a dock.

If you are careful in the least all inflatable should last as long as the stitching which becomes the first really big issue with the older models like mine.
I'm getting more confused as ever.

I wanted to buy a 2011 leftover with a wood floor and inflated keel. The price is good, haven't checked shipping yet, and it has a full warranty.

It's a Zodiac which I believe is a quality brand, right?
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