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Thanks again for your advice. Working up first blush plans here and wanted to see if I can get some additional feedback. Looks like we will be somewhat limited time-wise --- only out for six/seven nights. Sailing out of Bellingham, we thought we might run first day to Rosario, then Friday Harbor, to Roche, then two nights on the hook at Reid Harbor, and finish up with another two nights on Succia. As you can see, we eliminated the Canada run --- recognizing there just wasn't enough time to get it in. So --- here are my questions:

- still too ambitious, or can we make this work without being too jammed?
- assuming this general route, and assuming typical cruising speed 8-12 knots, am I staying within ~ 3 hour passage each day?
- final question a bit more detailed: we spent some time in the San Juan's back in 2000 and had the chance to visit Roche, Friday, and Rosario. While they are obviously beautiful places, if we decided to skip those in favor of places we haven't been, any suggested alternatives that fit our general cruising envelope?

Again -- any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your past posts and any additional information you have to offer.


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