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RE: Trawlers 101 - Part 1

Lemme give you another example. We have two Chevrolet Corvettes. One is a hardtop and one is a convertible. They are both Corvettes. But one is a convertible. The convertible is a corvette!!!! The hardtop is a Corvette but it is not a convertible. SO these are just two different styles of Corvettes....but Corvettes nonetheless.

I have no idea what a "drop down cockpit" is.

I likely see more Boeings in a day than any Boeing employee does since that is all we fly and I see hundreds during one bank/push. We fly every fan version of the 737 except the -600. I can tell the NGs from the classics quite easily. My biggest point was your analogy is not a good one. You are at the mercy of physics when designing a jet. You cannot "style" it. With a boat, you can. A europa is just a differently styled sedan. SAME EXACT LAYOUT with a little different exterior styling.

I would not consider my boat a trawler either(although it says it in big letters on the side). Express cruiser is probably the general term for it although you could call it a picnic boat or lobster boat or downeast cruiser. Do you know what they call the hardtop version of my boat????? A SEDAN!!!!!!! Try that one on for size!!!

BTW, a sportfish is also a sedan.

I got one for ya!!! Have you ever seen the DeFever 48....I think they call it a tri-cabin??? It is a trunk cabin boat with Europa styled overhangs aft and on the sides. I never understood the design other than pure aesthetics. So this might be an angle for our arguement since it is definitely NOT a sedan and sure as hell looks like a Europa...although a bastardized one(no offense to any owners of this model).
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