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Originally Posted by Andy G View Post
Just a suggestion, take the family with you when you check out boats, you are buying and using it as a family, get their feedback, it's not just the mechanical stuff that's important.
The above is the one ingredient that seems so obvious yet I'll admit to blowing big time. Nothing "felt right" to us until I got the wife actively involved in the decision making process.

Funny thing is my wife doesn't know squat about boats and has no burning desire to learn more than the basics either. However she does know exactly what she does and doesn't like. We had a divide and conquer approach to shopping. My job was mechanics and finance. Her job was layout and creature comforts.

We are delighted with our choice. We also decided before purchasing that we would buy a replacement in 5 years. That kinda took the stress out of having to find the so called "perfect boat" away as we knew it was merely a step in our journey.

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