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RE: Wanted to introduce myself and my new boat

Preventive Maint (PM)is the realization that things eventually wear out, have a known service life.

The question then becomes ,

Is it easier , cheaper and less hassle to replace items you Know will fail while in your home port or while underway?

For Phil its easy , with only 4 hours away from a dock every year , the risk is reasonable. .

"Exploring the San Juans, Gulf Islands, Desolation Sound, Inside Passage, and SE Alaska,"

might take a bit more than 4 hours and could result in a long tow or worse..

The comfort level for boaters goes from "If it Ain't Broke , Don't Touch IT", an oil change every few years , to the higher level that is my preference.

When costs are a concern, PM ,at dockside where one may search for a month or two to obtain everything before the service begins is usually cheaper than having parts flown in air freight to some boatyard that has GOT YOU.

Not much controversial about most of my reccommended "new boat to me" PM, the desire to replace the engine mounts is the engineering is far better today , and the builder probably selected the origionals on cost , not performance.And they do die.

The ceramic shaft seals and their bellows ,that if breached will admit more water than most boats can pump , is removed as more modern shaft seals are far less risk and more reliable.

Seek a comfort level you can live with.

As an ex "bus driver" , I certainly do.

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