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All --- thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate the input -- never having cruised up in this area, it's good to lean on some local knowledge. I've just started cracking a number of cruising guides (Waggoner, Douglass, Scherer) and am starting to pore over NOAA charts for the area. I like to know where I'm boating, and find that the research in advance is part of the adventure. My wife and I have a place on the Jersey Shore, and unfortunately expect the summer there post-Sandy to be pretty challenging on the water. We lived in Seattle (and loved it) for a brief period back in 2000, and figured this year might be a particularly good time to return.

Our plan is to mix it up a bit between a few days in quiet and secluded anchorages and a few in some of more developed islands. Your pretty universal feedback regarding how many stops to make over the course of the week is clearly important. Assuming we'll be running "Trawler speed" (~8-10 knots) between stops, I'll need to determine typical travel time. JohnWms --- your point re 2-3 hours per travel day is dead-on. Post 3 hours, the risk of a mutiny on board grows exponentially. Rusty -- I dropped a note to the guys at NWE as suggested to get their recommendations as well. Good idea.

Thanks again for your feedback. It was incredible to see how many different posts filled the thread so quickly. Obviously some passion out there for these cruising grounds...
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