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Tom, I don't know what I was thinking! I thought it would be fun for my kid when we anchor out.

We were in Moss Landing...there is no reason to ever go to Moss Landing....for a big race party and it was windy as all hell. Small craft, 25 kt winds and I decide to go sailing. I haven't really sailed since high school but I'm sailing around the harbor and I'm going fast. I'm going really fast. Wild World of Sports is filming, Guiness Book of World Records is timing me, I'm considering my Olympic possibilities going from the North Harbor to the South Harbor. Suddenly it occurs to me that if I move the starboard oar out of the way, I can lean against the hull and get some more speed, go a little higher to the wind. I move it and boy am I moving.

Then, I over steer into the wind, the sail starts luffing and I do a back flip into the Pacific. After about 30 seconds my pfd inflates and now I am in a neck brace. Finally get the boat righted but it is full of water and there is no getting my fat ass back into the boat.

I swam for the rocks, about 75 yards, more exercise that I have had in 10 years and jam my freshly varnished Fatty into the rocks so I could turn the boat over and get the water out. Sheepishly I sailed back to my boat and the clicking cameras of my yacht club buddies.

A good lesson to learn, if I had been in Monterey past the breakwater, I would have been in real trouble!
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