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Here are some of the high points in rough order from "big city" to "secluded anchorage". Since I travel with women and children, who generally want to be entertained with pools, restaurants, and stores, we usually pick one place from the upper part of the list and stay there two nights. This gives us a full day in "civilization". Then we stay one night in a spot from the lower end of the list. Then repeat.

When I go by myself, which is rare these days, I usually reverse the choices.

The challenge is to arrange the stops so travel time is about two or three hours on days you are changing ports. You also have to factor in provisioning, fuel, garbage disposal, and any necessary customs stops. Busy weekends and most weekdays of late summer call ahead to marinas to see if there is moorage available.

Friday Harbor
Roche Harbor
Deer Harbor
Fisherman Bay
Garrison Bay
Reid Harbor
Turn Island
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