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How long did it take you to find and purchase your first trawler

Hi all,

Thanks for all the great reading on this forum. I've learned a lot with still way more to go. I was wondering, how long has it taken you guys to find and purchase you're first trawler. My SO and I are planning on breaking free of landlocked Boise, ID in about 3-4 years. We've been looking and drooling on boats for about three years now and feel like we're getting a pretty good idea of what we want, but...

Our boating consists of inland waterways with a lot of river running and lakes. We're tentatively planning on starting in the PNW because of its proximity to us, great selection of boats, great cruising grounds and its pretty familiar to us. We plan to cruise the San Juans, working into Canada and the IP to AK, then working our way south to who knows where.

Best to everyone.
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