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RE: Wreck of the Fedra

good morning* Eric
Im not even in the same league as da boys of the Foundation Franklin! The Atlantic Salvors fuel burn is more related to Speed (RPMS) ,just like our trawlers. It is powered by Alco diesels. If we run easy, 850 rpms or less we will burn 4000- 4200 per day towing or light. The max we can run is 950, which our fuel burn increases Significantly.
Two yares ago, this boat towed the Aircraft carrier JOHN F KENNEDY fro norfolk Virginia to Philly.* They left in WX that they shouldn,t have and needed all 950 rpms to keep the tow in control.
The amount of fuel aboard does affect the handling of the tug. Presently we have aboard around 118,000 gallons aboard. As a normal run around NY we try to carry around 160-170,000.* I have elected not to fuel since we have been here to keep the draft light (16'). We act as the fuel station for the crane barge and transfer fuel weekly to them. As for the seaworthiness, she can take a lot more than I can! Our determining factor is usually what can the tow take, not what can the boat take.

I like the motor sailor- but it would be to much money/maint/bother/draft. I likeyour boat better. The 40' Navy personnel boat fits my needs perfectly. If I can find the right deal on a Willard version, all the better! My needs are Coastal cruising criteria.
Shallow draft 3', space for me and mama only, reasonable fuel burn and dependability. Short term cruising plan would be florida, Bahamas Chesapeake bay Etc. Eventually great loop. I want to be ready when Cuba opens up to yachts .
At this point in my life (50 years old), I don't need or want an "impress the neighbors boat" .
The trans Atlantic part of this job is the cake walk. Its more about weather avoidance than any thing else. Obviously you can get caught in wx, but we go around it when possible.
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