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Originally Posted by moreton99 View Post
So do I get a more efficient "burn" at lower revs by reducing the rated hp of my engine?
the best way to do that is by pulling the throttle back. If you don't trust yourself to self limit, reset the speed lever stop on the governor so it doesn't move as far.

A mechanic told me we can reduce the fuel pressure to the fuel pump and "try it"
You can't adjust the injection pump pressure ... the injectors "pop" at a certain pressure and anything less will create problems and anything more will create problems. The injection pump plunger is a very positive displacement device and there is no relief valve or adjustment on the outlet. Injection quantity is adjusted by changing the volume of fuel above the plunger at the start of injection, not the pressure.

I can't imagine what he was talking about. If he meant to reduce the pressure into the pump enough to starve the injector pump itself that would quickly destroy the pump by cavitation.

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