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Originally Posted by Ebaugh View Post
The AGM vs. FLA comparison would be argued by the AGM companies. But it is supported by several marine technicians on other forums. LFP can be implemented for only slightly more cost than AGM for those who wish sealed batteries or must save the weight or like myself, spend 50% of my time off grid at anchor. Most trawlers don't meet any of those criteria, and for that majority FLA is undoubtably the most cost effective solution.
:-) How many times you crossed an ocean with sail propulsion only, pls. sailors don't know how to work efficient with their energy??

BTW. I crossed the Atlantic 7 times. I know how to balance my needs and what the elements give to me, this means AGM and rude charging.

In Europe we make a calculation about our energy balance, see my speadsheet.
(remove the last .doc to have an Exel file)
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