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Many years ago I ran a 12500 btu A/C for 3 hours in the Sea of Cortez for a bridge game with other cruisers using a Trace 2012 inverter (one of their first) and (8) 6 volt 220 a-hr golf cart batteries. My guests were amazed, A/C comfort and no running of a gen set. This was back in late 80's, so not many cruisers had large inverters. Of course after that bridge game when everyone went back to their boats, the A/C was turned off and it took a number of frugal power usage days for my modest solar array to charge the house bank back up. Back then we didn't have LiFePO4 cells, and my cell phone was called a transportable, being in a fabric bag with the main unit, hand set, rubber duck antenna and a sealed lead acid battery, about 12 lbs if I remember right.
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