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Originally Posted by deckofficer View Post
Politicians use scare tactics for their agenda, what is your agenda?
It all depends on whose ox is getting gored.

For many years I was involved with providing fuel in the nuclear fuel cycle. A big concern is/was spent fuel. Harry Reid lobbied correctly (IMHO of course) and hard for building a nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mtn Nevada. However once he saw the light of Senate leadership, political correctness and the Democrat party platform he flip flopped and this wonderful now built facility is shut down. Guess which State's leaders told Harry to tow the line, hint it is known as the left coast

When it comes to energy, everybody has an opinion and fewer still have the facts whether for Li batteries, coal or nuclear. On a different thread I had mentioned CA has not recently allowed any power plants to be built, I left out the word coal - lucky for me I guess as coal burning emits CO2, as do I. So instead CA builds gas plants emitting ---??? But, CA is quite content to import gas from elsewhere while letting its economic savior, the oil and gas rich Monterrey Basin, lie largely untouched due to "concerns."

So Bob, welcome to "not everyone loves my mode of energy" debate.
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