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Good points. As to A/C usage, go the zone approach where during the day only the main cabin is cooled, at night if needed, berths only. Reuben cools his entire cat trawler in Florida from his solar array. The charge acceptance of LiFePO4 is much greater than lead acid, so with a MPPT solar controller you will harvest most all of the solar energy produced if feeding a LiFePO4 bank. Many of us are doing that now, because of the large price drops of these cells this last year. Just on the Cruiser's Forum I know of 8 boaters that have switch from LA to LiFePO4 when Balqon had their clearance sale. They all are amazed at the difference in a-hr rating, low voltage sag under heavy inverter load, nil Peukert effect, and charge acceptance. The biggest one of course is a 400 a-hr LiFePO4 bank is giving more usable a-hr than the 800 a-hr lead bank that was replaced. As to cycle life, even the early adopters haven't reached any where near the advertised life, though they have passed the life of the best LA's they have ever had by a factor of 3.
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