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No not bad it's for narrow boats. Narrow boats slide right along at really fast speeds. It's almost thrilling. I'm getting too old for athelitic stuff so I sold mine to a good friend who is in such good shape he on occasion jumps over cars. as an exercising machine the FR exercises the whole body much like swimming. And if you wear a heart rate measuring devise you can attain the ideal level of exercise and maximize the length of time doing it for the most benefit.

But as an easy way to row a canoe the FR is great too. one can "row" w legs only or arms only to give one a rest, take a picture or eat something and still move along at a fair clip.

Yes they are expensive but when you see it you'll never think it's not worth it. Beautiful Cherry wood and aircraft like machined parts. But the most amazing thing is it's engineering. Ron Rontillia is a clever fellow and good to talk to on the phone as well.

Stability is excellent too as one sits right on the bottom of the boat. Some care is required to get in or out of it though.

Oh ...about the Livingston mod I mentioned it probably wouldn't work as well as I imagined as the Livingston's "tunnel" is much wider than I remembered.

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