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Seafoam believer???

Seafoam was in the 50s and 60s a schaller (SP ?) product called Carbout. I had a good time w it. People would give me old outboard engines that were froze up and considered worthless. I poured Risoline into the crankcase and cylinders** .. let it set for a day or two and put the wrench to the flywheel and frequently I'd have a running engine. Another Schaller product was Risoline. It would cure badly stuck lifters** ..* from an engine that would hardly run to one that would sing. Seafoam may be the same stuff as Carbout so I'm glad it's still availible. The old product was mostly to remove carbon deposits so several treatments should produce lasting results. Once the carbon is removed you should'nt benifit from continued use and the chemicals or whatever may not be good for engine seals* ..* especially two strokes.

Eric Henning

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