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Originally Posted by Marin View Post
A Livingston is as stable as one can get. I've never heard anyone who has one call it tippy. I can stand on one side of it is and it as stable as a rock.
I'll second that

We where at the lake with our 8' Livingston a couple years ago and told my sons they could not sink it if they tried. Well, when you challenge 3 boys like that don't be surprised when they take you up on it.

They emptied the boat and removed the engine and pushed off the beach into 6' of water and went to work. They managed to swamp it after a half our of jumping off the gunnels but never did manage to tip it over or sink it. Exasperated they finally brought it into 2' of water and lifted it over upside down and floated around on it like that for another hour until dinner was ready and mom made them clean up the boat.

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