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Do you intend to say MPG?


"Tis many a slip tween the cup and the lip"

The Marco Polo was designed (at least according to Herrishoff from his book) as a motor sailor.

The concept was a boat that could run 10K with motor or sails or usually both.

I had the pleasure of going aboard a long time ago and aklthough the boat was interesting it suffered from When it was built.

Engines ,were HEAVY and as an ocean going boat the scantlings , frames and the rest of the construction was first rate but HEAVY.

The fwd cabin or aft was only accessible thru the cockpit , hardly a delight .

A modern version probably would never sell, tho the performance could be vastly improved.

The Deerfoot 64 shows the problem, marine motorists today do not want to be down in the hull, they want to be up looking out thru a glass wall at the view.

At only $3+ million a pop the 64 is beyond most ocean voyagers ability.

I am not convinced a similar boat , sans the fancy woodwork , and many of the fun stuff, flopper stoppers at $2K rather than a $50K hydraulic fins , the boat could not be built for way less . perhaps 1/6 to 1/10 .

But KISS would have to RULE!!!
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