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FF:" With even a 50% advantage (not possible) few cruisers want to run 15-20K at 1 GPH., The semi plaining boat might get to 12K with the same fuel burn ."

Do you intend to say MPG?

A light cat or Tri may stay afloat for days upside down. Many monohull a that get turned onto their beam ends could founder and sink.

I tend to agree with much that has been said here. I like traditional-looking boats. I also like those were form had triumphed over function. And I agree that your darling (boat or spouse) should look good to you upon approach.

Most importantly is the fit. To your personality. Your lifestyle. Your budget. Your "real" use (vs. "imagined"). It she fits, then you'll use and enjoy her. If not, she'll collect barnacles and rust.

I have known boaters who buy a Nordhavn for the Great Loop. Kinda like having a HumVee for negotiating I 95. But it was perfect for them.

On long and lean - Francis Herreshoff designed Marco Polo, a log lean schooner. Faster that a shorter boat of the same displacement but with sails small enough for a couple to handle. I do not know of a long lean design that has enough added wet surface to make a difference
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