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RE: Cruising Spare Parts

Good point Marin. What do you suppose it costs extra to carry the spare engine? There's initial cost of course but that's pretty much amortized with as old as our boats are. I'm thinking about you wearing out fuel pumps twice as fast as I do. You wear out every belt, hose and filter twice as fast. My spare prop never gets dinged while mounted in the bilge, yours need a tune up every now and again? I don't think you use twice as much fuel, but probably half again, I've used 99.6 gallons so far on vacation this year, your spare engine used another 50 so that's what $125 just to carry the spare? Not to mention I'm still in Refuge Cove next to Penny Lane (Who?) and still have to run all the way home.

While the spare engine theory sounds good, it is a considerable expense. My spare fuel pump is warm and dry in the engine room ready to be used. Yours is wearing out, and it sounds like you have invested more money in 2 additional spares.

I did get towed in once. 28 years ago I had a blade come off the propeller on my 27' Fairliner. I had recently bought it and no one caught the crevice corrosion on the blade. Since then, knock on wood, throw salt and all those other things, I've fixed every underway problem that has arisen. Up to and including flex plates.

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