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Cruising Spare Parts

While we carry two spare fuel lift pumps, a spare coolant pump, a spare raw water pump and impellers, fuel filters, and a couple of spare oil/transmision fluid coolers, we dont' put a huge emphasis on spare engine/transmission parts because we carry an entire spare engine and transmission complete with their own prop shaft, struts, bearings, prop, and rudder. If we were in the business of taking long ocean voyages we would put much more emphasis on driveline spares, particularly as for this kind of cruising we would most certainly have a single engine boat.

We've needed our spare engine four times, once on the first run after taking delivery of the boat for a coolant pump leak, twice for raw water intake blockages, and once for my letting an engine get a slug of air during a fuel transfer. Operating on the spare engine is very simple and involves only tying off the shaft of the engine that has been shut down. We then proceed to finish our cruise.

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