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I've already given up my need for aesthetics over function, but there has to be something warm and precious about my boating environment. If, on the other hand, I did produce the "Swiss army knife" of trucks some time ago, and if I could do it in boats, I know with the length limitations of 40 or under, I'd have to begin with making a decision on having either one hallway of space (a skinny mono-hull), or two hallways of space with a large space between them. Faced with that, I'd take the two hallways of space and do the best I could with lightweight materials for style and beautification. It would be asymmetrical, and look like a bigger version of the Aspen Photoshop Mod I did earlier with the best I could incorporate from working designs. BTW, I know this is a boating forum, but I really enjoyed Bob's analogy of his Swiss Army Rod.
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