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Capn Chuck wrote:


Troy, We have lived aboard and cruised for 17 years and the boat has had complete coverage every day of that time. Our current policy and last policy which cover us for 5 years and the policy before that says and has said absolutely nothing about living aboard or not living aboard. Of course we have serious coverage for cruising and have had our policies through IMIS as does many of our friends that are cruisers and liveaboards also. We have never had a claim but our agent knows we live aboard. Other friends have had claims and do live aboard and have never been denied. Of course how you handle this is entirely up to you. BTW, If liveaboard is not written into your policy as an exclusion you can not be denied a claim because of it. Chuck

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If it doesnt exclude it then I wouldnt care, I am going to get a quote with IMIS.
I just remember seeing the exclusion on the front page of my current policy. Thats good info and feedback that I was looking for.

As for the comment about people not having insurance, my dock is a prime example. Our marina is very strict on rules, but we had a boat fire on the dock and it turned out the owner had let his insurance expire. All the other boats damaged were left for the owners and the owners insurance to deal with. The boat that burned was not only freshly painted but also had just been fitted with a rebuilt 8V71, so it wasnt a POS, just an owner that didnt pay his premium.
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