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Mainship 390 vs. Camano 31

I'm a wannabee trawler owner but getting more serious about purchasing a trawler.

The two models I am looking at are the Mainship 390 and the Camano 31.

My plan is to place the vessel in a charter fleet for the Spring, Summer and Fall months in the Chesapeake Bay.

You see, my seasonal business operates on Spring, Summer and Fall weekends so I will be able to use her some weekdays when I have time off. I am hoping the charter revenue will off-set some or all of the expenses of the boat.

Since my business is seasonal I have a reduced work load after October 15th until April 15 so i plan to run the boat from the Chesapeake Bay to Florida for the Winter months each year.

I'm looking for input from Mainship 390 owners about the boat and if anyone has input on the Camano 31 as well.

I am concerned that some of the Camanos don't have generators (which seems odd to me), I'd have to buy one with a generator.

From my research so far it seems to me the Camano is better built with better economics, meaning it costs less to run and being shorter will cost less in dockage but the Mainship has more room.

Any and all comments would be appreciated.

Thank you!
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