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RE: anchor chain/gypsy size

Red, white and blue is easy to remember. Red is 25 feet, white is 50 feet, blue is 75 feet and red/white/blue, is at each 100. (assuming you can remember if you already have 100 feet out or not) Even during the off season the sequence is easy to remember and with 250 feet of chain (which I have) it's hard to get confused. 25 feet is an easy marker for me. I notice Marin marks at 10 foot increments which is too precise for me. My general system is to lay out a reasonable 3-5 to 1 scope, depending on the weather. If heavy weather is predicted I'll lay out more, but for the average night at anchor 3-1 works really well and I sleep as well as I do anywhere else. (there is a story about sleeping the way I do, and why)

Some folks state that their ties get broken off and lost. That's not my experience, although I tuck my tails into the chain to avoid the flag sticking out and hanging up as the chain goes thru my labyrinth hawse into the locker. It's easy to miss a marker if you cut them short, but tucked/weaved into the chain, they are easy to count.

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