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RE: The real costs of boat ownership

tgwhite states: Me, I'd pay top dollar for a used boat that gets really high marks from a tough surveyor. IMHO, a late model Monk 36 may fit your*desires perfectly. Much better investment in the long run than a 25-30 year old TT. If you don't have the money, as previously stated consider charter or join a lease with partners plan.

I guess it depends on what you consider late model. Late model boats suffer higher depreciation rates and in my opinion can really change the financial considerations.
A 1984 full depreciated monk will cost you a lot less than a relatively new equivalent one because of the huge depreciation on the new one. At 10% depreciation on a new boat costing $250,000 your looking at loosing $25,000 a year or $150,000 over 6 yr whereas a $100,000 84 model will simply cost you the operating costs. But I think it's best to consider come depreciation on any boat you purchase so buying that same 84 Monk and using a depreciation of 5% a year will cost $5,000/yr and $30,000 over 6 yr. These are averages and I doubt will hold true in either case for the entire 6 years, but you get the drift.
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