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The real costs of boat ownership


All are controllable to a great extent by the owner.

Dockage MOVE , in Cape Coral and other locations far lower costs are avia
iable , you're retiring , live where you wish.

An even more RADICAL concept is go cruising only 1 day every two weeks will be needed go to visit a laundromat , that's 1 day of dockage .AS you learn the system, even that day can be skipped.

Maint , well even if you're not handy changing oil yourself , or rolling paint on the bottom at a DIY yard is far cheaper , and with better paint and movement , no divers and 3 year repaints is the norm.

Depreciation, doesn't exist on a 20--30= boat ,
CONDITION is the value , "paint sells the boat" , so its up to you to keep up her condition as you travel.

If you search the FL Mariner , you can being the cost of a 36 ft (or so) in under 30-35K.

Insurance, LIABILITY is a worthwhile "investment", but Hull might be self* done .

I complement you for attempting to find a "Round Trip" cost (buy, fix, maintain , sell, costs in advance.

But HOW you are willing to live , cruise and your talents (yes even luck) will be a really large mostly unknown factor.For some Fuel cost is a consideration.


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