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RE: anchor chain/gypsy size

My all chain rode travels off the windlass straight down 18 inches to the deck, then down inside a plastic pipe and exits the pipe about 5 feet lower than it enters. The first of the chain has more than 8 feet of vertical drop along with 3 feet of horizontal from the windlass to the chain locker floor. When all the chain is in the locker it stands 15" tall or so at the highest point. A piece of rope would never drag itself down that pathway.

I had 15 years experience prior to this boat with my Chris Craft and it had only a 30" drop or so thru the hawse directly into the locker. With a combination rode (30' chain) the rope rode had to be hand fed 2 - 3 feet at a time. It would lay ok by itself inside the locker, but would not fall on it's own accord into the locker.

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