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There is also two other factors coming into it regarding thermostat operations. One is ( Art take note), they are not, repeat not, precision instruments...
and two, you are forgetting they operate along the principle called a hysteresis loop. I have already posted what that is, so look up Google if you want, but the essence of it is, they don't open and close at precisely the same temperature, otherwise they would be snapping open and shut endlessly and inefficiently, as this degree of precision is not required - rather like an autopilot does not try to correct every minor heading change - the engines are really not that fussy, as long as they are within a range, that's hot enough, but not too hot.
I can vouch for the fact that my gauge runs at about 83 deg C, in winter, and nearer 90C (88-89 actually) in summer, because we have quite a difference in water temp. That will all else being the same, in terms of rpm, distance, time of day etc. what more can one say...?
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