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Originally Posted by Peter B View Post
Walt, I am a bit intrigued by this vacuum air separator type of gadget, and wonder if I could get me one, as it might cure small oil leaks from under my engine. Especially since for simplicity I ditched the old oil impregnated foam air cleaner for one of these pod jobs, so the crankcase/rocker cover vent now does just that...vent rather than re-enter the air intake. It was just too much of a fiddle to try and set that up with the pod cleaner element.

As to this synthetic oil debate...where are you up to in your experiment re that...?

It also appears no-one bothered to read the several,posts I put up ages ago, basically explaining exactly what Marin's Ford Expert in the UK said. Thermostats only set the minimum temp at which time they open. Once open, they don't control the maximum the water might rise to, which is usually a few degrees above the usual, operating temp, so there is if you like, some 'head room'. That being the case, as observed, colder raw water temps can indeed lead to slightly cooler running, (without the thermostat closing), even with a perfectly functioning thermostat, so less friction from a syn oil could also show up in the same way.
Did you other guys copy that...?

It's not that I didn't read your input on thermostat, and it's not that I didn't think about it... but my decades of learning always showed that thermostats open and close incrementally to satisfy the temperature of coolant going through them, i.e. to maintain coolant temp at the exact temp the thermostat is set to accomplish. I still believe that until proven different! Just because someone says something (i.e. Marin’s UK expert-buddy... or even you, re engine temps and thermostat) does not always make it true. Thermostats are set to open at different spacing to control coolant flow in order to maintain coolant temp the thermostat is set at. Many years ago I did a pretty thorough (armature as it was) test on thermostat reaction to different temp waters... carefully using a temperature gauge. Hotter the water got, wider open was the thermostat spring assisted flap. Cooler water got more closed was the thermostat. It happens the exact same way inside cooling system. No matter the coolant type, oil type, or waters being cruised in!
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