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Originally Posted by Marin View Post

But, he went on to say, the Dorset likes a nice hot running temperature. He said that 190 degrees was ideal. When I expressed concern about the temperature we see on our boat, 180, he said that it was okay and may be inevitable given the colder waters we boat in, but anything lower than that he said would be cause for concern.

I don't mean to shoot several of us in the foot... but... what you quote from UK expert has potential to do so.

I've closely followed this thread. Along with you and some others... I too said that far as I know no matter what was to be "changed in the engine", i.e. type coolant, type oil, or for that matter water temp travelled in... That the thermostat would automatically correct coolant water flow to hold the engine at thermostatís rated temp. From what your UK expert mentions, maybe not?? First I've heard that.
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