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Originally Posted by Capthead View Post

Is it the gremlins?
Dunno, but I doubt it's the oil. If I had a temperature drop like that in our engines like that due to switching to a different oil, I would switch back. A cooler diesel is not what you want unless, of course, it is overheating which at 180 degrees it definitely is not.

We have an acquaintance in the UK who built a successful business and career from servicing, maintaining, and overhauling Ford of England diesels including the Dorset diesel which is the base engine for the FL120. I know you have a different engine in your boat so what I'm going to relay may not apply.

At the time we met him he had a sailboat with an FL120 in it. In talking to him about the best care and feeding of the Dorset/FL120 engine he remarked that the fastest way to kill a Dorset is to overheat it. The head gasket is comparatively weak and the head is very susceptible to warping if it's overheated.

But, he went on to say, the Dorset likes a nice hot running temperature. He said that 190 degrees was ideal. When I expressed concern about the temperature we see on our boat, 180, he said that it was okay and may be inevitable given the colder waters we boat in, but anything lower than that he said would be cause for concern.

As I say, this conversation was specifically about the Ford of England Dorset/FL120. But if we did what you did and got that kind of a coolant temperature drop and we could not trace it to a thermostat or a problem with sensors, gauges, voltages or wiring, we'e be changing the oil back to what we'd been running before.

Good luck with your new album. I hope it gets picked up and takes off.
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