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Originally Posted by Marin View Post
So you are saying your engine temps have remained at 180 before and after your change to synthetic. Well, that sounds normal to me, then. It was only when it was sounding like you were claiming your engine temp dropped after changing to synthetic that the immediate thought was you have faulty or incorrect thermostat installed.

Things are getting twisted. Sorry. All the cooling work was done prior to the change to synthetic. I failed to mention I also added coolant recovery bottles and radiator caps too so I wouldn't have coolant loss.

The trips I made with Rotella 15W-40 (I think it was) were monitored and noted a constant 180 at cruising speed. I made two trips that month and everything was a constant 180. Before that I was experiencing heating up at higher RPM's and that's why I did a complete do over.

When I changed to Delvac 1 ( which was the next month) and made the trip again was when I noticed the 5 degree drop in temp and still today, it is the same 175 at cruising speed.

It happened in both engines too.
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