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Breadbasket Update

It's been a few months since Breadbasket arrived at Thieves Bay - Pender Island - B.C......... I've been busy cleaning her up going through the systems ..... runs like a diesel should although a little noisy .... Put her up on the Grid last week and replaced the prop(30x19) with a 28x23 in perfect condition ..... Search for a month or so with the assistance of our Forum consultants(thnx. Eric!!!!!) ..... checked out Craig's List Seattle et voila there it was ..... located in Pt. Townsend the PO delivered to Pt. Angeles ... I took the Coho over from Victoria exchanged $$ for Prop and travelled back to Pender the same day .... total cost including ferries $425 ...... a seamless re. & re .. I'm happy.... Installed a new VHF and Chartplotter ---- the radar even works!!!! I've been having loads of fun ....... a couple of short Cruises ..... perfect ... I've been studying Mellor's Boat Handling Under Power ......... Not quite ready for a close quarters tight slip docking in a wind storm -- a steep learning curve .... I saw the Albin(it's most likely sold) .... nearly bought one BUT I'm happy with my boat (9000 lbs .. doesn't matter how she's loaded !!!!!! ) stay dry!! john
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