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RE: advice re boat

Frank** * I concur with Sunchaser about moorage. It is hard to find in the northwest. Part of the solution might be to buy a boat in a marina that you might find desirable. Select your city and marina, then the boat. Hopefully the boat owner will sublet to you for the first year, while you are on the waiting list for all the other marinas in the area. In fact, I would get my name on several waiting lists as soon as you can. As to the boat, that is a tough call. It's such a personal issue. I guess I would first consider cabin configuration. Will you have four adults along on all outings, or only occasionally, and only for short trips, or will you always have four. For me, only occasionally having four adults aboard, we chose a single stateroom, with a spacious head and shower, and lots of storage. Guests sleep on the dinette (a very large dinette that becomes a nearly queen size bed. If you will have four all of the time, I would say two staterooms is a must. You may have to sacrifice in other areas in order to have the two, but constantly converting a dinette from sleeping to dining would get old, very quickly. Once you decide on cabin configuration, the next thing to consider is your intended cruise speed. Do you truly want a trawler, as in full displacement, 6-8 knots? *Given your desire for simplicity, I would definitely choose single engine. Twins offer more maneuverability, but after a short familiarization, you would likely become very comfortable. It's all about what you are accustomed to running. The lower maintenance and less crowded engine room make it all worth while in my book. One set of engine zincs, one oil filter, one change of oil, etc. There is so much more to consider, that you really must do a lot of research. Answer all the questions, considering where you might be willing to compromise, because every boat is truly a compromise. No one boat will work for everyone. Good luck, and remember that the process of boat selection is probably the most important decision making process you will ever find.*
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