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RE: Cable Crimper

"Just reading that rule sure looks to me like they want you to stay away from soldering."

" Solder shall not be the sole means of mechanical connection in any circuit. If soldered, the connecton shall be so located or supported as to minimize flexing of the conductor where the solder changes the flexible conductor into a solid conductor."

"I'm definitely staying away from solder, I'm going to depend on a good crimp.

READ the "rule" again ,

As stated they simply do not want solder to be the ONLY fastening to a terminal end.

Mechanically , AND electrically is required for a proper connection.

With out the proper tool ($$$) to assure cold flow , only solder can assure the electrical connection was made.

Either you spend the CA$H to do it right , or you do the best you can.

In our business of outfitting , most owners will not pay to rewire the entire vessel so the only choice is to take loose every wire , touch solder the usually crimped auto terminal ends and reinstall with star washers , and hope for the best.

And folks wonder why I don't usually love TT's.
House wire and auto crimps , and splices hidden behind overheads , is a start.

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