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RE: Chickahominy River, VA

Jim I keep my boat on the Chick. Most of the private docks on the river are geared toward small weekend runabout and wake board boats. There are a few larger boats which don't seem to move tied in a few places. There are two marina's on the river one is Rivers Rest which is an old marina that has had a make over in the last few years including a nice new Resturant and floating docks. A little to rich for my blood but nice people. The other is Colonial Harbor where I keep my boat. Its been there forever docks are old, people are colorful, the owner, Taylor Smith, is as nice a fellow as you would want to know. Pump out facilities that I know of on the Chick are very small and my not be able to handle a large holding tank. Maybe a 40 gallon tank but nothing of any size. That's the best I can do for you now. Both marinas are in the phone book and I have Taylors number here somewhere if you need it.

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