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RE: Cable Crimper

Keith wrote:

Well hell, RickB... if you'd just answer the questions faster, none of us would ever need to come in here and make mistakes, except to ask you a question.

-- Edited by Keith on Tuesday 23rd of June 2009 08:02:16 AM
If you don't want answers don't ask the questions. If you only want answers from certain people don't ask in public. If you don't want specific information don't read* answers that give references to source documents.

I* could care less if you want to play boat fixer in total ignorance, neither I nor any of my family will be on your boat so do what you want. The results are between your and your (or your guests) insurance company and lawyers.*

ABYC standards are not compulsary, they are advisory. You can do whatever you want. As an ABYC member, I would prefer that those who contribute advice or information they claim to be ABYC*"rules" at least know what the standards are.

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