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RE: Cable Crimper

troy994719 wrote:
My apologies, but Just reading that rule sure looks to me like they want you to stay away from soldering.
Are you referring to the main switch on your DC panel?
It should have a disconnect switch, if you have a starter hang you will not be able to shut it off. You would have a real mess by the time you got the battery cable disconnected!
I'm definitely staying away from solder, I'm going to depend on a good crimp.

Yes, the main switch on the DC panel.* The current set-up is a cable from 1 batt bank (+) straight to the engine.* There is also a pair of smaller cables going from the + to the switch.* They appear original and I'm guessing they used 2 small cables instead of 1 large one becuse that's what they had laying around.

The other batt bank (+) goes straight to the DC panel switch.

I'm still deciphering exactly what's what under the hood but it appears that the "Off-1-2-All" switch may be determining where the charge goes.* It does also shut everything down in the "Off" position.

Either 1, 2 or All on the switch will start the engine.* So I'm sort of scratching my head and saying, "Huh?"

Electricity mystifies me at the best of times.* Because of multiple rewirings, no color code discipline and multiple previous owners I spend a lot of time sitting and looking at stuff wondering, "WTF?".




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