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If you plan on doing a lot of traveling as single-handed operator consider a metal boat. They are easier to touch up the paint and the hulls generally take more abuse with less damage. The fenders on a boat can work against you when are docking single handed. The three problems they present is you bounce off the dock, you have more of a gap at the dock, and they catch on things sometimes. I know it sounds crazy to dock with out fenders but in the right boat it is no big deal. I paint my sides every year for that all better look now. I have people and kids dock my boat all the time that are first timers. The boat is a single screw with an overall length of about 50ft they have very few problems docking it when I talk them through it. I do have the fenders out for this but I don't worry to much about the paint it is easily fixed. I have docked with no fenders out when single handed and conditions where awful and I needed to hit the dock and just stay there long enough to get a line on the dock. A metal boat make this option more forgiving, just something to consider if you are going to travel a lot.
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