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Tom B,
That's a great summary of what I would call basic reality.

If the operating temp (you don't say oil or coolant) is actually significantly lower 85% of the trawler operators here should forget about syn oil as using it would have the effect of even lower loading relative to oil temp and that's the issue w under loading.
OR the reverse could be true in that the syn oil is so clean that keeping tars, varnishes and soot in the lubricant suspended would be almost a non issue. Perhaps underloading would be a non issue at ANY engine speed and this could be a really good reason for those loading at less than 40% to switch to syn oil. I hadn't thought of it before but this could be a really good reason to go synthetic. I operate a bit over 50% load so wouldn't benefit but for the many here that do there could be a real benefit for using synthetic oil.

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