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RE: Boat selection opinions

timjet wrote:

Interesting the Monk 36 has a stern thruster. Can someone explain how this works.
If you can afford only*one, a bow thruster is far more useful than a stern thruster.* For all practical purposes, every boat already has a stern thruster in the form of their prop(s) and rudder(s).**Used correctly, they will move the stern either direction you want very briskly.

*A stern thruster by itself would not be of much value to my way of thinking unless you frequently encounterd docking situations where you had very*little*for and aft maneuvering*room and needed to move the stern straight sideways. Of course moving the stern sideways still leaves the bow out there on its own, so you still*have to have some way of getting it up to the dock.

Stern thrusters*can be electric or hydraulic.* They are usually a bolt-on unit*consisting of one or two*propellers protected by a guard--- a tube,*cage, etc.* One manufacturer--- Cap Sante--- make*a stern thruster designed*specifically for*trawlers with semi-planing hulls like GB, CHB,*etc which have very shallow*draft sterns.

Personally I*would not find the presence of*just a*stern thruster anything to*get excited about in a boat I was potentially interested in.* A bow thruster, yes.* A stern thruster, no, since boat already has one*in*the presence of a rudder.

There is an advantage to having BOTH a*bow and stern*thruster in that this configuration allows the boat to be moved straight sideways*up to or away from a dock.*
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