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RE: Boat selection opinions

Yes the Marine Trader 36 Sedan would work nicely, but trying to find one with the teak decks removed would not be easy. And I still have all the other teak to maintain. The MT 34 Sedan would work as well, but again finding one with the teak deck removed would be difficult.

Interestingly Jack Hornor a marine surveyor who contributes articles about various used boats to boat US magazine in reviewing the MT 34 mentioned the exact same problems with the MT that I mentioned in a previous post. In that post, a local marine repair facility I have used in the past mentioned the problems with MT and their teak decks as well as their fuel tanks.

The MT 34 and 36 Sedans seem to be common in FL and perhaps one with the teak decks removed will pop up. I could find no MT 36 Sun Decks, which has everything I want except the walk through transome, listed in FL and only 3 on the whole east coast. Is the 36 sun deck so good nobody wants to sell them or did MT not produce very many? My guess is the latter.

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