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I am a private pilot and CRM was drilled into me my by flight instructor.* Perhaps more compelling was my wife telling me in no uncertain terms that I'd better NEVER end up on the evening news!* I know exactly what that article is talking about when it acknowledges that mistakes occur.* Heck, I make dozens a day!* The key is to constantly try to think ahead to what situations might be developing and take immediate steps to "break the chain."* A clear example is to have every approach be a "go around" that's interrupted by a landing.* In other words, you're hard wired to prepare for the worst and then you're pleasantly surprised when it doesn't happen!
I am in NO WAY trying to slam these guys.* They got in a situation for which they were not prepared and made some bad and fatal decisions in the process.* As I look back over my life I can point to dozens of times when it sure looks like sheer luck saved my butt.* If we are fortunate, we learn big lessons from those times.* Even better is the wisdom of learning from someone else's mistakes.*
My original point was to notice how often we try to save some possession or our reputation at the expense of something really valuable....our lives!* If just one person learns enough from this to avoid a similar situation - then it wasn't a total loss....
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