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Anchoring Kills

Yorksafloat wrote:

Aside from the fact that it is all too easy to criticize someone from the vantage of hindsight....they reportedly moved the anchor rode to the stern cleat to try and pull it loose with the engine.* Once it was stuck and the seas were disturbingly (and dangerously) high, they should have ditched the anchor with nothing more than a waypoint on the GPS if they felt like trying to retrieve it later with dive gear.*
This was the stereotypical "accident chain" where all you have to do is break one link and the accident doesn't happen.* We could spend a lot of time playing the "what if" game but I was simply pointing out one really obvious link in the chain which involved trying to save the anchor when simply ditching it and running for shore MIGHT have resulted in a different outcome.
Terribly tragic situation which (if we're honest) we all can relate to with a "there but for the grace of God go I."* It is my fervent hope that if I ever have an "incident" or worse while engaging in any of my many recreational pursuits that no one will be able to point fingers at obvious bad decisions.* I especially hope that any obvious bad decisions only affect me and do not hurt others.
Jim, below is a thread that I started a while back.* I work as an airline pilot and hope your last sentence never comes true for me or potentially hundreds could lose their life.* It may be tedious to click on the link(within the* link I am providing), but give it at try and try to follow it.* It is the epitome of "cockpit resource management" and one of the main reasons*our air traffic system has continously improved.* It IS applicable to the way we manage our boats and is along the lines of what you are talking about.


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